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Here are our Statistics for 2019! I appreciate the hard work of our team, and while the numbers are very important, there are so many other things that we can’t put a number on and are not in our annual report. Things like midwife response time, education, relationship, follow up, and what we all want …

Our Doula Team hosts a Birth Preparation meeting monthly at Sweet Child O’ Mine. These meetings are open to anyone and we invite you to join us. This is an opportunity for you and your family to meet the Doulas, ask your questions and better prepare yourself for your labor and birth. The meetings are …

Saturday, June 8, 3-4 pm. Join us for Birth Prep as we discuss various comfort measures and positions for labor. There will be practical hands on demonstrations of positions, massage, essential oils, rebozo, and ball work. Bring your partner so they can learn how to best help you in labor. Drinks & Snacks provided.

Doula childbirth education meeting at Sweet Child O Mine Birth Center- May 22nd

If you’re headed to the theater this weekend, look for the Sweet Child O’ Mine Birth Center ad on the big screen. -Brandon, Riverview, Gibsonton