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Our Team

Kimberly A. Verbarg, Florida Licensed Midwife, Clinical Director, Founder

Hi, my name is Kim and I am the Clinical Director and Founder of Sweet Child O’ Mine. I am a Florida Licensed Midwife since 2009. I have been actively involved in the birth and natural health fields since 1989, first as a birth assistant and student midwife, then as a Midwife. I also have worked in the holistic health field as an Herbalist, Reflexologist and Naturopathic Doctor. I am a 2009 graduate of the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery in Gainesville. Over the years, I have delivered approximately 800 babies. I became a Midwife because I believe that women should have quality birth options which include sensitive care, natural birthing, and individual control over health care decisions. I have two adult daughters which were both birthed at home. Their births were the most magical moments of my life, and I’d like to help make every woman’s birth experience just as beautiful. If you are currently expecting, congratulations! I applaud you for considering alternative childbirth options. Give us a call if you’d like to discuss those options and take advantage of our free consultation. I look forward to meeting you.

Areline Williams, LPN, Operations Manager, Clinical Nurse, Childbirth Educator

Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your baby! My name is Areline Williams and I have been with Sweet Child O’Mine since its beginning in 2009. My role here is to supervise the operations of the facility, including various clinical administrative duties. I also teach the childbirth classes. I have been an LPN for over 30 years with a long history of working in the maternal-child health divisions of nursing. For a few years, I was a doula, supporting laboring women through the process of birth. I met Kim in 2006 when I was training to be a doula. Currently, I am a certified childbirth educator, have been trained by Barbara Harper in waterbirth. I am certified in birth assisting and worked with Sweet Child O’ Mine as a birth assistant for 5 years. Since I started working at Sweet Child, I feel I have a new lease on life and my passion for birth grows more and more every day. I have seen hundreds of births and yet, it never ceases to amaze me every time. In my personal life, I am married and have four children. My family and I are avid Tampa Bay Rays fans. In my spare time I like to go to Rays games, read, do needle work, and last but not least, continue to learn all I can about birth so that I can be a wonderful part of helping you achieve a beautiful birth experience.

Rachel Hoffman, Patient Care Coordinator

Hello! My name is Rachel, and I am the Patient Care Coordinator at Sweet Child O’ Mine. I’m a happily married “crazy cat lady” (no shame), and have two angel babies in Heaven. In my spare time, I love photography, the TV show “Friends,” the occasional video game, and further expanding my knowledge on anything pregnancy and/or birth related.  ?
Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am so happy you’re considering us for your care. I worked in the front office at the birth center for nearly 4 years, until my husband and I relocated to the beautiful state of North Carolina in July of 2018. I am now blessed to do my job remotely from home. Although I may not get to meet you and your precious little one in person, I’m excited to get to know you virtually via phone calls and emails.
Pregnancy and childbirth are such beautiful, natural things, and I am so grateful to be apart of a team that helps bring babies into the world the way they do! Please let me know if there is any way I can be of assistance to you and your family during this experience; I’d be happy to help!

Laura Parker, Florida Licensed Midwife

Hello, I am Laura Parker, a Licensed Midwife and graduate of the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery. I have been with the Sweet Child O Mine team since 2014. I found my way into the birthing community in support of women’s empowerment and right to choose her birth plan. I believe the birthing experience to be a sacred moment for the moms and babies. Providing the moms with a supportive, safe environment to welcome her child into the world is my priority, as well as the focus of our practice. I am happy to be working with this amazing team to help you achieve a memorable birth experience! 

Dan Conway, Office & Billing Manager

Hello, my name is Dan Conway. I am the Office and Billing Manager here at Sweet Child O’Mine. I have been in the Medical Office management field for over 20 years. I am here to help you with any financial questions or concerns, and to make sure you have an extraordinary experience while here at Sweet Child O’ Mine. I myself have 3 children: Josh, Becca & Josiah. Josiah, our youngest son, was delivered at our home with a Midwife, and if we had it to do all over again we would have had all of our children with a Midwife. It was such an incredible experience for our entire family. I enjoy spending time with my family, listening to music and when time permits woodworking and fishing. I would personally like to welcome you to Sweet Child O’ Mine. If you have any questions or concerns along the way, please let me know.

Rebecca Finklea, Florida Licensed Midwife

Rebecca Finklea has been catching babies as a Florida Licensed Midwife since 2001.  She was born and raised in St Petersburg, and as the eldest of five children, has always had a baby in her arms.  She followed a long time calling to midwifery when she graduated with academic honors from the AS Midwifery program at Miami Dade College.  She has been married to Willie for 12 years and is mother to three children, two of whom were born at home.   She hopes that the midwifery model of care becomes the gold standard for maternity care in the United States.  She is delighted to join the staff of Sweet Child of Mine to support women and their families in the joyous journey of healthy pregnancy and low risk birth.

Edie Crumley, Financial Coordinator

Hello, my name is Edie. I am a part of the administrative team at Sweet Child O’ Mine, specifically here to help you with your insurance needs, financial contract and payment solutions. I work from home, so while I may not get the opportunity to meet you in person, I do get the pleasure of speaking with you on the phone. I am here to help you with all your billing and financial questions. Please let me know how I can assist you.

Kitty Lakey, Florida Licensed Midwife

Hi, my name is Kitty Lakey. I am a Florida Licensed Midwife, and also a wife and mother to two boys. I’m thrilled to be a team member at Sweet Child O’ Mine birth center. I’m a 2017 graduate of the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery. I’ve been attending births for over five years in many settings. I developed a love of supporting families after my own personal experiences with Midwives and Hospitals. In addition to my Midwifery training, I’ve trained as Doula, Childbirth Educator, and a Placenta Encapsulator. I love that the heart of midwifery is consent, and that midwives trust in the strength of women to make their own best choices. I respect each individual’s path to their birth and hope to serve families in a truly evidence-based and empowering way.

Kalie Ray, Doula, Student Midwife

Hello, my name is Kalie Ray and I am in my senior year as a student midwife at The Florida School of Traditional Midwifery. I have been a part of the birth world for about 7 years now attending births and being trained as a birth Doula, placenta encapsulator, and Certified Nursing Assistant. I am originally from Colorado and after midwifery, traveling is my second biggest passion.I have always had a dream of being a midwife and decided when I was about eight years old that I wanted to deliver babies. As I learn and grow as a student midwife I am more and more inspired to help and educate women on the joy that is natural birth. I am enjoying my education so much and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!

Maureen Berning, Student Midwife, Birth Assistant

Hello, I am Maureen Berning. I am currently a junior midwifery student at Florida School of Traditional Midwifery, I have also been trained as birth doula, a childbirth educator and also in placenta encapsulation. I have been working as a birth assistant at Sweet Child for two years and love being a part of this wonderful team. I have been interested in a career in midwifery since I was younger and couldn’t be happier working towards that goal today. My mother has been a La Leche League leader for over 30 years and introduced me to home birth at a very young age. Throughout my life I have always been extremely interested in pregnancy and delivery, and I am so excited to be dedicating my life to aiding and empowering women to birth the way they choose. I feel myself blossoming into the person I have always hoped to be and feel like my life is heading in such an amazing direction. I am so thankful to able to witness so many first breaths and I am grateful to share those precious moments with families.

Meagan Law, Administrative Assistant

Hi! My name is Meagan, and I’m the Administrative Assistant here at Sweet Child O’ Mine. I am one of the friendly faces that will greet you when you walk in the door. In my spare time, you can usually find me doing homework as I’m a full-time student, watching the TV show “Friends”, or making music/singing. Congratulations on your pregnancy, I’m glad you’re considering us for your care! I’m very excited to get to know you and your family!

Sarah Walsh, Doula, Birth Assistant

Hi there! My name is Sarah Walsh and I am one of the birth assistants here at Sweet Child O’ Mine! I am married and have two children, Noah and Evelyn. I found my passion for birth work while active duty in the Marine Corps; assisting and holding space for fellow services members and their spouses during their pregnancy, labor and birth. These experiences made me hungry to become apart of the birth world, so after being honorably discharged in 2015 from the Marine Corps, I decided to begin my journey by completing my birth doula through the DONA association. Life changing! I was also blessed to have received my yoga instructor certification through Yoga Alliance as well as my Herbalist Certification through a clinical herbalist in New Hampshire. I cannot wait to continue my birth work journey and will begin nursing school in the fall of 2018 to obtain my Bachelors of Nursing and then soon after obtaining my Masters in Midwifery. Each day I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to give my energy, respect, dedication and passion to women. In my mind there is no one more beautiful or strong than a pregnant or laboring woman, and it is such an honor to have the ability to be a part of that! 

Denise Dupree, Acupuncturist, Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage, Student Midwife

Denise DuPree is currently a 2nd year midwifery student and a Licensed Acupuncture Physician in Florida, and is nationally board certified (NCCAOM) in Acupuncture. She graduated from the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NIAOM) in Seattle, WA with a Masters in Acupuncture, 2000. Upon graduation she worked at The Helping Yi Yuan Hospital in Tianjin, China for 2 years, where she specialized in Acupuncture, herbs and Qi Gong (Taoist form of exercise and meditation).  She has operated private practices on Bainbridge Island, WA, Delray, Florida, Portland, Oregon and Siem Reap, Cambodia both in a maternity hospital and a 5 star resort. She has advanced training and experience in fertility issues, common discomforts in pregnancy, labor support and pain relief, postpartum issues and newborn discomforts. She also prescribes Chinese herbal formulas tailored to your specific needs and nutritional advice. She is certified in Mayan Abdominal Massage, which compliments her acupuncture treatments and East Asian Medicine modalities and is used for a variety of women’s health issues.